A new standard

With autonomy as an organisation model

Enrise grows. And with that growth, a need for 'supervision' arises. Many companies achieve this by hiring managers and directors. Enrise shows that it can be done differently. We believe you know the best way to do your job, and how to take care of our clients, your colleagues and Enrise as an organisation. Which means we've put you in charge, you help make the decisions: quite a responsibility! We believe that having this responsibility means you'll enjoy your job more and give you greater job satisfaction, with all the positive consequences that come with that.

Autonomy at Enrise

At Enrise, we have a flat, clear organisational structure. Flat as a pancake. There's nobody above you, and nobody below you. We work in autonomous teams where everyone, as a team and as an individual, is responsible for our client satisfaction, for colleague collaboration and also the direction of Enrise as a company. Every team has its own identity, its own position in the market and its own team name. We only use these team names internally. When we communication outside of the organisation, we are a united Enrise.

Enrise teams are built for flexibility: we stimulate each other to split teams up, to shrink them, to disband them or start a new one when you've come up with a great idea. Enrise is a collective of autonomous teams, with no central managment. Freedom in incredibly important to us. Better yet, it's one of our core values. We want everyone to be free to think about, discuss and decide our daily processes and the direction Enrise takes as a company. We achieve this by working autonomously.

“By choosing an autonomous business structure, we challenge each other to grow, personally and professionally. We are constantly looking for a new standard of organising so we can move forward, develop, and 'enrise' together.”

Becoming familiar with autonomy

During your first months we invite you to partake in an Introduction to Autonomy session. In this session, you'll be entirely immersed in what autonomy is and what it means for you as an Enriser.


We learn something new every day and grow in our autonomy on our road to new standard of organising. And so will you. Be eager to learn, ask questions, challenge the status quo. That is what keeps us all on our toes!

Keen to start learning right away? Read our stories about autonomy.

Surpass your job description

As a team member your responsibility is not just to your team, but to Enrise as a whole. We do that through team-transcending domains, which you can contribute to. Think HR, recruitment, finance, operations, sales and marketing. You can discuss within your team which role suits you. You'll come together with delegates from several teams to decide on the processes that will affect the entire company. So at Enrise, you are more than just your job description.

At Enrise, you'll be in accountmanagement

You will work face-to-face with the client. It's important that your client is happy and stays that way, so maintaining great client relations is essential. Of course the role of account manager is perfect for that, but you as an Enriser will carry the same responsibility to make sure the client is content.

At Enrise, you'll be a coach

We are genuinely interested in each other. We offer help where it's needed. From an enlightening chat over coffee to the pep talk you needed to take that step you've been wanting to take for ages.

At Enrise, you'll be marketeer

Wherever you may be and whenever you mention Enrise, online or offline, you are an ambassador for our brand. Your words and behaviour can contribute to the positive image of Enrise. So subconsciously, you'll be a real Enrise marketeer.

At Enrise, you'll be a salesperson

We have a team that will help your team with sales. But this team will only act with your contribution. They visit potential clients with a delegate from the team. Sometimes with someone who as great technical skills, other times with someone who excels at managing development processes between client and developer. Whatever your job description may be, in those moments, you'll be a real salesperson.

At Enrise, you can be yourself

You can feel at home here. Work, relax, exercise, come and go when you please. Of course, you should this with us. Do what's right for you and your colleagues. Get each other coffee every now and then. Put your dishes in the dishwasher. Keep the place tidy, so you don't embarrass your colleagues, or when clients come to the office. Are you a messy person at home? Then perhaps act like you're in the office. 😉

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