Good to know

House rules, customs or um... just helpful information.

Wij are open

Enrise is a transparent organisation for outsiders. Semi-open. They can't see everything that goes on here, but they can see a lot, especially if they come into our office every now and then. We share our knowledge. Online through articles and platforms. Offline at events and meetups. We have an open-plan office. We don't have closed-off team rooms and most of us are very approachable. Except when we're in focus mode. 🙂 We share our experience using Slack channels, work groups and KSS.

We are autonomous. To make the right decisions, we make sure we have the right management data. Performance results in hours and revenue, as well as the numbers on costs are accessible to all Enrisers. This also means that employee wages are open information at Enrise. We keep each other sharp, with honesty and trust as a foundation.

"We are autonomous. So we need the right data to direct the company."
"Are the costs for your innovation less than 2 hours or less than €200? Just go for it!"

Stronger together

An autonomous organisation can only succeed if people work together. We work in teams and operate as a collective. So we expect you to be a team player and to work with us, celebrate with us, commiserate with us and overcome obstacles with us. At Enrise, we trust each other and treat each other with respect. We discuss things that could be improved or that cause friction, following the 'ask first, judge later' principle. Client satisfaction is what we live for. In everything we do, we are friendly and deliver the quality that is expected at the very least. But you're always welcome to go above and beyond!


As an Enriser, you help make the decisions. You have as much input as every other colleague. When somebody comes up with an improvement, we'd love to get your opinion. The power of positive change is what binds us at Enrise. Do you have an innovative idea? Does it take less than two hours or cost less than €200? Discuss it with your team or work group and go for it! Need more time or money? Put together a S.M.A.R.T. proposal and plan a council meeting, the Enrise method for decision-making. It's the best way to test your idea and remove any doubts.

"I'm happy to listen or help you out. Whatever we discuss, it stays between us."

In sickness and in health

Sick? Let your team and the Support Office know before 9 am. Feeling better? Let the Support Office know right away, even if you're working from home. All you have to do is drop an email to They will mark you as sick or better through Capability, Enrise's sick leave advisors. If you are on sick leave for an extended amount of time, Enrise will pay your full wages for the first 52 weeks. From week 53 this will become 70% of your pay. If you are sick while on vacation leave and you're in the Netherlands, let us know the same way you would on a normal working day. If you need sick leave for more than two days while on vacation leave abroad, let us know and supply us with a medical certificate. Should you become unable to work, we will find a solution together with Capability, our sick leave advisors. Info at Support Office.


We all face hard times in our lives. Perhaps something is going on with your body, perhaps something's going on in your mind. It might be something at home, or something at work. That's when it's good to know there is a counsellor available. You can 'Grab a coffee with Rita' and have a chat with Rita over a cup of coffee or tea, to talk things through, discuss a problem or ask for advice and come to a plan of action together. What you discuss with her remains confidential. If she feels you might need outside help, she will organise this with your permission.

Out of office

It's important to us that you take time out and forget about work every now and then. This will keep you from losing your motivation, or even from becoming sick. Your leave is included in your contract.


Discuss any leave days with your team. You can request it using Nmbrs. This helps us keep on top of all the numbers. If you work full time you can roll over up to 5 days to the next year. But we'll say it again... it's very important to us that you take time to find peace and quiet for your body and your mind. And your colleagues will be happy to have you back fresh and full of inspiration from a day of relaxing, exercising, home renovation, or midweek break, and hear all about your winter or summer vacation.


You can request special leave for a wedding, to have a baby or to attend a funeral. Get in touch with the Support Office for more information.


We prefer it if you try to book any appointments to see a doctor, dentist, physio or life coach either at the start of the day, the end of the day or in the evening. That way, you'll still have time to get some work done and collaborate with colleagues.

"Take time to relax. Take a day off to do some exercise, to visit a museum or to go to a movie in the afternoon."
"You can use the Enrise Portal to submit pictures of your receipts for reimbursements."


Travel and expenses

By law, everyone has to carry ID in the Netherlands so you can always identify yourself. Whether you're on your way to work, visiting a client or wherever you may be. If you use a car for work, please ensure you keep your driver's licence and renew it when required. If you need to lease a car for work, discuss this with your team and contact the Support Office for any admin. As you can imagine, you will have to pay any speeding or parking tickets yourself. So drive safely!


For commuting to and from work we will cover up to the maximum of 19 cents per kilometre. If you use your own car to visit a client, you can add another 19 cents to your commuting expenses. If you travel using public transport, you can get all of your travel expenses reimbursed. Annual or monthly travel passes are also an option, please discuss these with your team. If you can't provide a receipt for travel expenses, we can only cover the minimum cost, so it's a good idea to keep all receipts.

"Running a business alongside working for Enrise? Great, you'll learn so much! But make sure you have clear agreements with your team."


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