This is Enrise

Our identity

We are Enrise. We can show you that things can be done differently.

We stand for autonomy, skills and a culture built on trust. We are the new standard in organisation. We are pioneers in business autonomy. We incorporate different disciplines and trends, beyond our job descriptions. It sharpens and opens our minds, it makes us creative and aware of our environment. This helps us find solutions to complex questions. We only do this for companies and ideas that we believe in. We develop technological solutions that help businesses grow, improve and enrise. UP WE GO!


This is where we stand for:


The freedom to choose your own tools, to hire people and to serve your clients the best way possible. Your innovative ideas are appreciated. We run this organization together.


We know how to do our jobs and provide quality as if we created the product ourselves. It is clear we are professionals from the techniques we master, they way we communicate and the service we provide.


Everything we do, we do with other people. Successful collaboration is born when we put our trust in each before everything else. But if you still have any doubts, follow the motto 'Ask first, judge later'.


We want internal and external projects and questions that challenge us. We question our old habits and embrace new ones, so that we grow together.

Enrise is:


Clients don't get stuck, we stay agile. Enrise doesn't believe in vendor lock-in, we are an open-source business. Clients are free to choose another party's product if that suits their business better.


Dedicated teams that fit like a glove. Short lines of communication. People with experience. Professionals who will say it as it is and with one goal: to 'enrise' our product.


Our clients rely on us to deliver. Even if the project scope isn't exactly 100% clear. Enrisers will get you there, step by step and with complete transparancy.


Enrisers create software that helps people and society move forward, with the right tools for the right job. Experts in simplifying, iterating and automation.

This is how you recognise Enrise

To greater heights

At Enrise we strive to reach greater heights. For ourselves, our teams, our organisation, our clients and even society.

We've created our own verb: ‘to enrise’ means ‘to take [something] to greater heights’. If it were in a dictionary, that's what the definition would be. If it's up to us, we hope it will get included one day!

Our desire to improve is reflected in our name and our logo. The upward arrow represents the power of positive change; the 'rise' in 'Enrise'.

The 'rising' image and the brand name are combined to create our logo. The logo works best using pitch black and a warm yellow, but that's not always achievable. Our logo is adjusted to suit different environments so it will complement any other background colours, designs and images. With a black background, the image becomes yellow and the text white. On every other color the logo is entirely white. You'll find all of the logo and brand variations on

The upward arrow represents the power of positive change; the 'rise' in 'Enrise'.

Enrise = Yellow

You'll recognise Enrise by our open communication. By our drive for innovation. And our striking yellow brand color!

The colour is even more important to us than the logo itself. So people recognise us by the colour first and foremost. It's that yellow colour that represents optimism, innovation, attention to detail, enthusiasm, energy and stimulation: everything you need to advance, to get up and to enrise. Not everything is bright yellow, you'll notice that in our office and on our website: we also use a lot of white, black and greys, and we use a diluted version of the yellow on larger surfaces, 15% of the full colour. Want to use the Enrise colour? If you use Hex code #F2A900, you've hit the spot! For printed materials and other uses, the codes for this yellow are different, you can find these in our online style guide on


Enrise Yellow


Enrise Light Yellow


Enrise Black


Enrise Dark Grey


Enrise Medium Grey


Enrise Light Grey

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