Back in the days

It's the year 2000. Cowboys run the internet. Shares in new tech companies are sky-high and it seems nothing can get in the way of their rise to domination. But then the dot-com bubble bursts and many promises are never met. The events of that year are what kickstarted four IT students to set up their own internet company together. Under the name 4worx, and with a different point of view and a clear mission, they wanted to create quality software that would work in combination with the internet's dynamic qualities. In the years that follow we provide our services to clients such as the National Police, the municipality of Utrecht and AutoTrack. But giants such as KLM and Wegener (which later became part of De Persgroep) also come to ask for our services. We also help lesser-known companies to automate their processes and to replace outdated and mostly static applications. We do that by creating apps, web applications, APIs and other internet technologies.



Founded by Hermen, Michel, Jeroen and Marc under the name 4worx Software Innovators.


Danny is hired as the first employee. Now there are four owners and one employee.


Three of the four founders become employees. Hermen and his business partner Stevijn form the new managing board.


A serious, growing company, located on the banks of De Eem river in the heart of Amersfoort.


4worx changes its name to Enrise. Freddy becomes the CEO of this quickly expanding organisation.


In September, Enrise/4worx turns 10 years old. By that time, there are 29 people in the company.


A radical change: agile working and autonomous teams. Stevijn and Freddy leave the company, Danny becomes operational director and Herman remains the only owner.


To streamline communications, the team captains become the sounding board between the team members and Hermen and Danny.


How autonomous are we really, with the board and team captains forming the 'management team'? We review the company's processes. It seems there is no autonomy.


Enrise takes action after the autonomy review. Change is afoot; a three-year plan is put into place to reach autonomy.


Enrise outgrows the office by De Eem and all employees agree to move to a new location near the A1 freeway.


Enrise can officially call itself autonomous now. In this anniversary year we work towards a shared ownership.

Reaching for a new standard.