A nice place for experts

In the former head office of The Phone House along the A1 freeway we have developed an inspiring workplace for people, teams and Enrise as a whole: a nice place for experts. We stimulate the collaboration in our office by sharing our space. It's a place where professionals choose to be over their own homes, so to speak.

The striking yellow entrance literally immerses you in Enrise's positive house colour. Our office is a place were we can meet as colleagues, clients and business relations, and where can meet and discuss. There are locations where you can work as a team, but also places where you can work alone and concentrate. There are small and large meeting rooms with lots of light and excellent screens so you can quickly get everyone on the same page.

You can meet people or have an informal chat with others in our comfortable living room. You can also watch some Netflix on the couch. There's a calm and secluded room for young mothers, but young fathers and older mothers are also welcome to take a nap here. Of course, there's a games room to just get away from your desk for a moment. Practically every room has lots of glass, greenery and good acoustics, which results in a pleasant, energising atmosphere. These have been carefully designed with quality materials from a range of designers and creative studios. Our office show pony is the multifunctional Enrise Bistro. In the mornings and afternoons it's a coffee shop, at lunchtime it's a canteen and in the evenings it's a space for meetups, sharing knowledge and client events. This is where we have Friday night drinks, where we have our JEM sessions, where we host our theme parties and have other gatherings. You can reach the rooftop terrace via the Bistro to catch a bit of sun, to meet up and get your head in the clouds or to smoke some salmon in the Big Green Egg.

"'Collaboration gets encouraged in our office because we all share our space. It's a place where professionals choose to be over their own homes. So to speak. :-)"


Lunch and Snacks

Enrise will provide your coffee, and also your tea, soda, fruit, cookies, lunch and other treats.


You can eat lunch in the Bistro between 12 and 1.30 pm. 'Bistro boss' Marion will make sure there's a selection of breads, toppings, perhaps some soup, savoury snacks, salads and drinks. Our bread is made by a local bakery, the rest comes from the Jumbo (supermarket). Is there something missing, or would you like to try something new? Let Marion know, so she can include it in next week's order. Did you consume the last of something? Please throw away the empty container. And please put your used silverware and plates in the dishwasher. COFFEE

At Enrise we drink fair-trade coffee by Redbeans, which has a full flavour that lingers. This black gold comes from a Redbeans machine, which will let us know after 120 cups that the drip tray needs to be emptied. Ask a colleague to show you how it's done, so you know how to do it when it needs to be done. All out of coffee? Get on the #support-office channel on Slack.

We have two machines, one in the yellow pantry and another in the Bistro.


You'll find a variety of fruit and vegetable snacks is the yellow pantry and the Bistro. There are also cookies, rice crackers and other candy bars. There is a fridge with soft drinks, water, energy drinks and other drinks, with or without sugar. Of course there's beer for after-work drinks. You'll find juice and dairy products in the other fridge, with the lunch items.

COSTS Lunch and snacks are provided by Enrise, but the tax office does require some payment. That's why we deduct a small amount from your wages. It won't cost a lot and you get lots to enjoy. It also saves you having to bring your own lunch. Do you prefer to go out for lunch? Then you'll have to pay for it yourself. But if you go out for lunch with a client, your team or a coach, it will be reimbursed.

JEM, KSS & Black

We are an open and transparent organisation. We share practically everything. There are three insider acronyms that you'll need to know: JEM, KSS & Black.

JEM LETTER You'll receive the Enrise JEM letter (Joyful Enrise Mail) once a month, our internal newsletter with updates from every team. It's a casual overview of news, current projects and stories from your colleagues.

JEM XL Once a quarter we produce the JEM XL. Every edition is put together by a different team. Sometimes we'll take an in-depth look at recent results. We have workshops with external facilitators. Or we host a guest speaker with an inspiring story.

KSS We also share our success stories and learnings that are specific to software development. There is a KSS (Knowledge Sharing Session) twice a week. You can share your clever solutions, show off new techniques, talk about practice cases and learn from each other's processes.

ENRISE BLACK Every first Friday of the month after office hours, it's time for Enrise Black. It's an occasion to work on personal projects in a casual setting. To try out or learn new things, or collaborate on projects with others. Enrise sponsors your endeavours with pizza


Are you a member of a local meetup? Enrise is happy to offer a location for local tech meetups. We play host to PHP meetups, JavaScript meetups, Wordpress meetups, Laravel meetups and Responsive Organisations meetups.


We have a range of tools to use in your daily activities, they're available at portal.enrise.com. What you'll need depends on your team and position. Here are a few apps and tools that everyone can use.

Collective memory

This is where you'll find all your answers. And if it's not there, you can just add it. From our office culture to meeting notes and team agreements to the results of our work groups. And anything that's not in this booklet, you'll find on Confluence.

The entire Google Suite

You will get your own login for Gmail and Google calendar, we collaborate using Google Drive and we work from home using Google Meet. You can access it all from your browser, or you can use your preferred calendar or email app.

Faster than email

You can chat with colleagues one-on-one, or in a group. Sign up to channels and work groups that are relevant to you. We share general information in our #general channel, and our random stuff in #random. Channels that start with #domain- or #taskforce- are our work groups with specific subjects.

Project planning

Jira is our project-management tool. It contains backlogs and client project boards, sprint planning and scheduling. Some people like to use Trello for internal projects, it's not as extensive but a little more accessible.


We save our URL's and passwords in a credential manager called Cricket, not in a .txt file. It's safe and very convenient when you're collaborating with team mates online. That way, everything is accessible to everyone. You can only access Cricket through the Enrise network, or you can use a VPN outside of it.

Your job in numbers

You can use NMBRS to check whether you can go on a vacation. 😉 This is also where you can download your payslips, request leave and see your colleagues' birthday's and vacation leave.

Relations, leads and clients

Our sales, single-point-of-truth is our CRM system Pipedrive. You'll find relations, leads and in clients here, and it's kept up to date by the sales- and marketing team and the account managers in the teams. All communication with (potential) clients is recorded here, and everyone can access it.

Safety first

It's fine to work from home, on the train or even on the beach, as long as you use a VPN connection to connect to the office. You can access the Viscosity software and user instructions on vpn.enrise.com.


You can find everything about Enrise's financial position and our projected finances for the next few months in Visionplanner. It includes income and expenses per team and for the company as a whole. Things couldn't be more transparent.

Digital archives

We have a good old file server for internal documents, files and archives such as quotes, SLA contracts, our Enrise Style Guide (with fonts, logos, photos and templates) as well as other matter than we like to keep on our server as a backup.


When a parcel has been delivered for you, you'll get an email to alert you which tells you who has accepted it. Have you accepted a parcel on someone else's behalf? Let the person it's addressed to know that their parcel has arrived via pakketpoffer.enrise.com. If you're the person to receive the most parcels per year in the office, it's your treat!

Paperless office

It's true, sometimes you still have to print something. Thankfully, we have a full-colour printer for that, which can print documents up to A3 size. It can also scan documents, convert them to PDFs and send it straight to your inbox. You'll find the printer in your network settings, so it's easy to connect to it.